If there is one thing that Jayda Cheaves has made known about herself to the public, it is that she is not beat for the drama! The popular social media influencer recently posted a photo of herself that caused some unintentional controversy.

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The caption read, “Only way I’ll lose my spot if ig I don’t want it no more [alien emoji].” Instantly, fans seemed to speculate that the could be throw towards Ayesha, mother of Lil Baby’s eldest son, Jason. Once Jayda caught wind of her name being dragged through the shade train, she immediately hopped on social media to clear up the rumors.

“Hold up lmfaooo subbing whooooo,” she penned. “B*tch bye y’all better gon on onnnnn with that bull sh*t. I’m not subbing a mfn soul. Ew I’m disgusted y’all are even engaging my name in bull sh*t like that.”


Jayda later went on live to further explain herself. “My instagram is how I make my money. Being on blogs beefing and sh*t is not how I make my money, that sh*t is not a good look,” she stated.

Check out the clip below.