You should be familiar with Sal Jobe’s name. Jobe, who was born and raised in East London, has created a name for himself and has had a range of successes. He’s a pro sports agent with some serious talent on his books.

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“I would define myself as a motivated guy who would help any human being who wants to better themselves,” Sal Jobe said. “I’m a serious, professional person who is always adapting to the challenges that life throws our way.”

His experience began while he was working for some of the most prominent public relations businesses in the United Kingdom. As a result, he was able to extend his network and talent pool, leading to the formation of his own agency. After more than 10 years in the industry, he decided to start his own firm, Next Level Collective. The rest, as they say, is history, as he assembled a squad that now comprises football players, boxers, and other athletes from other sports.


The professional sports agent, who was born and bred in East London, has gone a long way from the youthful passion-fueled athlete who played football all through school and competed in numerous competitions. He became acutely aware of the difficulties that come with not having an agent throughout the course of his athletic career.

Jobe attributes his capacity to succeed in his professional life to his participation in high school football.

“I played football all through school and participated in athletics competitions as well, but I didn’t have an agent during my football career,” he continued. “I had all of the physical and cerebral talents, but there was something lacking; later on, I understood that I needed an agent, someone who could pull strings and bring me in front of the bigger teams, so I chose to be that person for other athletes.”

Sal Jobe’s name should be remembered since he has a lot more in store for the future.

“In the future, I plan to establish community groups and gatherings to assist individuals in networking and elevating one another,” he added. “This year, I will also be releasing my second book, based on inspiration, which will include amazing people such as Keith Chapman, the creator of Bob the Builder and Paw Patrol, as well as footballers, musicians, fashion designers, and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs who will give us tips on how to get to the top in personal interviews that will not be seen anywhere else.”