It appears Usain Bolt is a huge Green Bay Packers fan and he would love is Aaron Rodgers stayed on the team.

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Bolt joined Sports Illustrated for an interview published on Thursday. In the interview, Bolt made clear his support of the Packers. The host even gave the track star the opportunity to make a plea for Aaron Rodgers to stay with the Packers. Bolt didn’t hesitate to do so.

“I would beg Aaron Rodgers to stay,” Bolt began. “Last year we were very close. We were so close. I think that this year we had the draft and we got a lot of good players. And a lot of guys have stayed. Davante Adams and everybody. So, I need Aaron Rodgers to stay. Aaron Rodgers, please stay at Green Bay. We need you.”


Bolt is considered the fastest man alive. Rodgers is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. Maybe Bolt dreams of catching balls thrown by Rodgers, in a Green Bay jersey.