Music has long been considered food for the soul and has numerous benefits. We can share our stories, express our pain, and interact with others through music. It also helps boost happiness, reduce anxiety and generally uplift our mood. Ifty Kerzner is a singer-songwriter who uses his talent to spread love throughout Israel and across the globe.

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According to the talented singer, “Music is the perfect avenue to share our stories with the rest of the world.” It’s the best form of art that transcends all distances, making it a universal language. For this reason, when Israel was going through one of its toughest times, Ifty used his words to spread positivity and happiness.

In 2006 when the second Lebanon war erupted in Israel, like many people living in Israel, Ifty was also affected. He lost his friend Tom Farkash, a pilot, and in his memory, Ifty wrote and composed one of his most popular singles, “A Million Stars,” which was sung by Tom’s sister Amit Farkash.


Ifty says that he wanted to encourage others who have lost loved ones and share his friend’s story by writing the song. In one part of the song, Amit sings, “You’ve wanted to fly, you’ve gone too far. With half a smile you’ve risen upwards. A million stars in the sky are catching your eye. Give me one more second to say goodbye”.

A few months after Ifty released “A Million Stars,” the song became one of the most played songs on radio stations across Israel and the most recognized song related to that war. It has been sung on every national Memorial Day since and opened the national Independence Day ceremony in 2012.

Other songs composed by Ifty include “The Night Will Pass,” “I Don’t Have Her,” and “The Heart Breaks,” all of which have gained thousands of views on different streaming platforms. In 2014, Ifty also wrote and produced “In Our Kindergarten,” performed by Shaylee Atari, which is now taught in schools across Israel. The track provided an additional look into what happened in 2006 and the loss Ifty suffered.

“While we are all going through different struggles, by sharing our experiences, we inspire others, which is something that I aim to do with my music,” says Ifty. He says that his focus is on telling his story best with every song. His versatility as a singer, impeccable voice, and high-energy performances set him apart in the fiercely competitive music industry. Ifty has had immense success with sad and emotional songs but also romantic and upbeat comic tracks.

Ifty advises upcoming artists not to give up on their careers and to believe in their work, noting that while there are challenges, it’s possible to penetrate the industry. When Ifty started his journey, it wasn’t easy, and no one believed in him, but he didn’t give up. He says that he continuously worked on his craft and became better at it with time.

Besides making music, Ifty is also a well-known TV host and entrepreneur. He is the president and co-founder of leading high-tech company Kisstera.

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