On Thursday, Wiz Khalifa jumped to Twitter to give his perspective to wearing a bonnet for the first time. His reaction? Well let’s just say, we didn’t see this coming.  Khalifa wore a bonnet overnight to keep his locs out of his face and is now officially turned out, becoming a true bonnet believer. Stating, “These things are amazing,” also, posting a pic of him, his blunt and bonnet so fans can see.

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The bonnet debate started when Oscar award winner, comedian and actress Monique jumped on Instagram to ask  black women if they lost pride in themselves by wearing  bonnets, headscarves and slippers in public. Comedian Tiffany Haddish jumped in the conversation saying that wearing hair bonnets publicly should have respectable limits. While reality star and entrepreneur Toya Johnson added fuel to the fire giving us her  reasons to support team bonnet by stepping out for a shopping spree wearing a bedazzled bonnet from her Before Bed Headz bonnet line. Although Khalifa didn’t hop on Twitter to join the official debate he definitely started a conversation amongst other men who wear bonnets.  Take a look at their responses and let us know what you think.