W4SH & 12AM are both emerging Canadian artists. W4SH, who’s name is pronounced ‘WASH’, reigns from the westside of Canada in Vancouver, BC. 12AM is from the eastside in Toronto, Ontario. The two artists both share similarities through releasing songs between Hip Hop and R&B. ‘Reroute’ came out during a series of singles leading to W4SH’s highly anticipated next project in 2022. For 12AM, this was his first single to drop following his project ‘After Midnight’ that was featured on the Spotify billboard in Downtown Toronto.

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Reroute’ has a dark ambiance feeling from start to finish. It must be something about the weather in Canada that seems to produce these feelings on tracks from a lot of their artists! The song carries elements of both Hip Hop and R&B from the vocal delivery to the production by Canadian producer Kultar Got Bounce. (best known for tracks with Powfu and Manila Grey). The two singers share their thoughts on a broken relationship through words of love, pain, and afterparty complications. 

Listen to the single: 


W4SH & 12AM – Reroute (Official Video)