Lollapalooza left Miley Cyrus fans upset during Playboi Carti’s performance. 

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Over 100,00 people attended the four-day music festival held in Grant Park in Chicago, and not all of them wanted to participate in the rage and moshpits, created by Playboi Carti’s set, especially fans of Miley Cyrus. 

 Unfortunately, they had to because Cyrus came on after Carti, and if you wanted to see Cyrus perform, engaging in the chaos caused by Carti, wasn’t an option. Some described the scene as sheer horror.


On July, 29, fans of  Miley Cyrus took it to Twitter to voice their frustrations. 
One fan wrote, “This is what happens when you have Playboi Carti playing right before Miley Cyrus.. you can literally see the horror in every single persons face individually.” 

Rap TV tweeted, “Playboi Carti had his set at Lollapalooza right after Miley Cyrus and her fans got caught in the crossfire.” The tweet also included screenshots of conversations of upset fans. 

That’s the perfect balance of music festivals. Although you will get to see some of your favorite artists put on a memorable show, you might have to withstand a rage and a moshpit. Gotta love it right? Or should festival organizers consider an artists audience when scheduling their line up?

What is your favorite part of attending large festivals? Share below.