Houston rapper Sean Kiez used his new track “Scared Money,” to deliver some quick advice on how to get ahead financially in this world. 

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To Kiez it’s simple, “scared money don’t make no money,” he raps on the hook of his new track featuring California rapper, Philty Rich

The three-minute and thirty-three-second video directed by Kingalhefner, shows the two rappers vibing in thee Liberace Mansion in Las Vegas. On deck with beautiful women and you guessed it, tons on mula. The track was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Raphael ‘RJ2’ of Beats How You Want Em.


Initially the message couldn’t be more clear in the visual. Immediately after the opening credits, Kingalhefner has Kiez, accompanied by the beautiful women, dumping racks out of a backpack. Additionally all the women who he’s accompanied with are also all counting stacks as well. 

This video is Kiez showing you the results of how you could be living if you took heed of this new “Sacred Money,” track. For instance, if you “Take that money to go make some money,” you’d seemingly be putting yourself in a position to live lavishly. We all need some motivation sometimes to get to the bag.

Watch Sean Kiez’s new video below and be on the lookout for more music. Hopefully, after you hear this, you’ll be thinking of your next investment. 

What inspires you to grow financially? Share your thought below.