Isaiah Rashad’s new album The House is Burning is currently being raved about online. The new offering brings in SZA, Lil Uzi Vert, and more, and the TDE representative discussed with Nadeska on Apple Music 1 what it was like to team with both of those superstars.

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“We respect each other so much, like artistically and then like personally knowing like we have other things going on,” Rashad said of SZA. “So when we hang, we try not to make music. So this one kind of took us like, just being okay with just doing it. Like we’re going to, because we know we’re going to do it. And knowing the song, knowing them what song it was, we both procrastinate. Sometimes she’ll make some of our best at the last minute. I guess maybe the on top of like the fear of failing, not being willing to fail can push out something like that. And it was just cool, just linking with her on that. But I’m surprised that I’m putting my actually, especially with her having like two of the biggest songs of the year. And then she been in her zone so much, like being a perfectionist.

“I’m just happy that she wanted to do this. Cause she really took some time apart. She was in a studio for like a week trying to make it exactly as she wants to make it. It’s always beautiful.”


The Lil Uzi Vert collaboration was unseen for Rashad and revealed the song would be a scene that fans are not used to hearing Uzi on. “I’m like, this sounds like, kind of out of my element, like people haven’t heard of me on a beat like this, like we’ve got to put some money and Uzi said a long time ago, like, ‘If you need something, just let me know.’ And so we hit him up and he sent it back pretty, pretty fast, very professional.”

You can hear the full conversation where Isaiah Rashad and Nadeska cover mental issues after The Sun’s Tirade and what led him back to music here.