Phathead was raised in South Nashville, Tennessee. He’s been gone from the music scene for some time now. Battling with the loss of several loved ones he needed time to reflect, regroup, and rebuild. He is lucky that before his departure he had built a loyal following of supporters who are not only there for him through his personal struggles, but ready to digest his music word for word.

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Phathead prides himself on having the ability to share his life story through his unbelievable lyrics. The past few weeks he has been hinting to his fans on social media about a possible project in the works, and visuals to come along with it. Out of nowhere he dropped his first official music video titled “Music Child“, and it has his fans going crazy!

The visual is crisp, the production is powerful, and it compliments Phathead‘s impeccable delivery. If this first song is a small sample of what is to be expected from the future project then it’s clear there is a powerful body of work on the way. Phathead was once known for battling any, and every MC that wanted to challenge his lyrical ability. He combined that aggressive flow with real life stories, and creative concepts. Giving us his first single “Music Child” via the official music video. The wait is almost over, and we are excited to hear this piece of art that Phathead has been quietly orchestrating on the low. Make sure you go follow Phathead. His fan’s are very excited to hear the new Phathead music he has been quietly working on. The South Nashville, Tennessee artist has his fans waiting, and going crazy in the meantime, go watch the official music video “Music Child” by Phathead, and get the popcorn ready. It’s a movie! It’s almost time for the new music from South Nashville, Tennessee own Phathead so keep up with him via social media @phathead_the_music_child and stay tuned.