As DaBaby is currently under fire following his statements at the Rolling Loud Miami festival, Pose actress Angelica Ross may be joining the rapper in the hot seat following a story brought to social media.

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“Story time…I actually met DaB*by earlier this year,” Ross penned to Twitter. “Flew home to ATL and had his gaze stuck on me as I walked towards him because he was standing next to my limo driver. He looked at the sign, then back at me, ‘Miss Ross’ he read aloud. I just laughed & left with my driver.”

Ross was met with Twitter users accusing the actress of gaining clout during a low point for the rapper. Ross quickly responded to the accusations stating that that is not the case. “One thing folks know about ME…I don’t have to lie to kick it! I don’t make up stories unless I’m being paid to thru SAG-AFTRA for film & television,” Ross stated. “It’s not what it says about him, but what it says about me and other trans women. We don’t ALL entertain these men & their nonsense. The universe was speaking to me. Had NOTHING to do with him. The moral of every story doesn’t center around y’all is the point.”


“Folk have been commenting under my IG photos saying ‘you can tell it’s a dude, he wasn’t looking at her’…and that is ALSO the point. Choosing not to date trans women is one thing, denying your attraction to us is another. On my BUMMIEST day these dudes be thirsty for it,” Ross concluded.

While DaBaby has not directly responded to Ross’ claims, the rapper still seems to keep the same energy despite losing the opportunity to perform at multiple showcases. The rapper posted a video to his Instagram seeming unbothered by the controversy. “10 whips in a row, who would think we was poor,” the rapper wrote followed by bag emojis.

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