Jessica Dupart a multi-million dollar mogul and CEO of the successful beauty brand Kaleidoscope and Hip HIp Legend and radio host and award-winning recording artist  Shawntae Harris known as Da Brat is putting their love on display for all to see on a reality show about their relationship.  Brat Loves Judy, which premiered Thursday, August 5th is one of the few reality shows centered around an LGBTQ couple.   “I was known as this gangsta [expletive] with hardcore lyrics,” she said to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I was very intimidating. This person you’ll see on the show is pretty much my government name. I’m vulnerable Shawntae. It’s a different side of me. They will be shocked I’m such a creampuff. It’s hard for me to see that!” 

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Da Brat opened up about her decision to finally come out during a March 2020 interview with Variety, she said: ‘I’ve always felt like being private is the better way to go, because then you don’t have so many people in your business.’But her relationship with Jessica pushed her to be more open. “I was fine staying quiet, but my partner is a social media mogul — that’s how she became who she is,” she explained. “And when you get with somebody, you have to meet in the middle. So to me, the middle was just letting everybody know: Hey, she’s the one.”

Meeting Judy was a game-changer for Da Brat: “She made me fearless. I’m proud of my happiness no matter what gender they are. I want people to see real love and pain and vulnerability, the mundane and the salacious.”  Brat says to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.  For Judy, who has a big social media platform but has not done much TV, she was comforted by the fact that WE-TV agreed to make them executive producers so they had the final say over what would air.


 Since she stepped on the scene Brat has always been a certified beauty girl rocking naturals with braids and afro puffs from day one and Jessica has created a successful business around it so we are not surprised that hair, makeup, and fashion plays a major role in their lives and on the show.  Take a look at the couple’s top beauty moments.