Didier Morais is known as the Vice President of Music & Entertainment at Berk Communications. Morais represents your favorite stars and companies from Meek Mill to Yo Gotti and the CMG label and Roc Nation to REFORM Alliance. Throughout his career, he’s built strong relationships industry-wide and has become a dominant public relations force.

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Through his career, Didier led the international “Free Meek” PR campaign, oversaw the launch of the REFORM Alliance, worked with Megan Thee Stallion on her New York Times op-ed about protecting Black women, and more.

With a successful portfolio of campaigns and an impressive run of clients already under his belt, Didier Morais is just getting started. Speaking with The Source, Didier details what makes him one of the most reliable and consistent representatives available and what is his focus toward the future.


How do you establish trust and decide what methods are best for your clients?

Each client has a different goal and story, so before anything, I always want to get a comprehensive understanding of their objectives. Once I get the vision, then I usually propose a strategy and execute it accordingly. It’s more than generating press for a client — it’s implementing a tailored PR approach on a case-by-case basis because every client has different needs. Yo Gotti’s goals may be different from E-40’s objectives.

In terms of establishing trust, that is simply built over time and consistency. At the end of the day, I want my clients to know that I’m looking out for their best interests and that I’m willing to go above and beyond in order to protect their personal brands and elevate their stories in meaningful ways.

What are some of your proudest achievements in your career?

Spearheading the publicity for the Free Meek movement was a personal highlight. Beyond getting Meek released from prison and educating the public about the injustices in his legal case, the Free Meek movement sparked a nationwide dialogue about the need for criminal justice reform. Collaborating with Meek, Michael Rubin, Van Jones, Robert Kraft, Roc Nation, and many others to launch the REFORM Alliance was a special moment as well because our work was helping the greater good and moving the needle in an unprecedented way.

Most recently, I took a lot of pride in securing and coordinating Fat Joe’s NPR Tiny Desk home performance. Growing up, he really inspired me as a young Latino who loved hip-hop, so it was a full-circle moment for me to get a prominent opportunity to give Joe his well-deserved flowers and celebrate his historic catalog.

What do you hope to bring every client with your interaction?

I just want to bring a sense of professionalism, passion, preparation, and commitment to each client and it’s important for my clients to know that I’m fighting for them and dedicated to putting them in the best positions to succeed. I take pride in my preparation and versatility so that I can easily transition from meeting with Yo Gotti on a CMG rollout campaign to collaborating with Van Jones on a social justice initiative to executing a business and philanthropic-related endeavor with Michael Rubin. When I’m staffing interviews with my clients, they know that I’ve already done the legwork to coordinate the on-site logistics to their liking and facilitate a smooth interview experience.

How do you select who would you like to work with?

Publicity is a form of storytelling, so I’m always evaluating the strength and potential of the prospective client’s story. You also have to gauge whether that story is newsworthy at that current time and manage expectations in advance if the timing isn’t appropriate.

I’ve passed on several new business opportunities with prospective clients simply because I felt it was too early for them to start a PR campaign, the story wasn’t relevant at that particular time or their expectations weren’t aligned with reality at that particular moment.

What personal ambitions do you have for the near future?

I want to keep building and growing one of the most robust and versatile client rosters in the communications industry. I take tremendous pride in my team’s ability to seamlessly and uniquely bridge the intersection of music, entertainment, sports, and social justice and help our clients create nationally renowned campaigns and initiatives.

As a publicist, I prioritize the importance of telling the comprehensive 360-story of the personalities that I represent. Many people like to pigeonhole my clients as strictly hip-hop artists, but I’ve been committed to expanding their brands so they’re viewed as the entrepreneurs, social justice advocates, sports aficionados, etc. that they truly are and it’s been a beautiful evolution to watch unfold in real-time.

Meek is respected as a criminal justice reform leader. Yo Gotti is recognized as one of the music industry’s leading executives and businessmen. Fat Joe is receiving accolades for evolving into a media personality with his IG show. E-40 is getting his flowers for building one of the pre-eminent wine and spirits empires in the food and beverage industry.

Amplifying their brands in new sectors and educating the world on their passions outside of music is one of the best parts of the job.

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