Yo Gotti and Team ROC, the social justice division of Roc Nation, are covering the funeral and autopsy expenses for Chadarion Henderson, who was found dead in Parchman prison in Mississippi. Henderson died on Aug. 1 at the age of 26.

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Chadarion was moved to Parchman in July of 2021 to finish his prison sentence; however, before his death, he alerted his mom that he feared for his life. On Aug. 1, under two weeks after his Parchman arrival, Chadarion was found dead, where it appeared he hung himself. His mother, Cheryl, has continuously attempted to receive information about his death; however, she has not received a response.

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“The Henderson family deserves immediate answers regarding the circumstances around Chadarion’s sudden death as a 26-year-old,” said Team ROC Managing Director Dania Diaz in a statement. “The lack of clarity and accountability is appalling, and it’s no coincidence that the Mississippi Department of Corrections has averaged eight deaths per month since Dec. 2019. This is an absolute tragedy.”


The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations is investigating Chadarion’s death as they were not satisfied with the suicide ruling. Team ROC will pay for an independent doctor for a full autopsy so the family can receive concrete information about Chadarion’s death. Gotti will cover the funeral expenses, who leaves behind three children, all younger than eight.

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“Chadarion Henderson’s unexplained death inside Parchman is the latest example of how that prison continues to fail to protect its incarcerated population,” Yo Gotti said. “My heart goes out to the Henderson family – they deserve sympathy and an opportunity to get closure. I’m committed to doing my part to cover the family’s funeral expenses and make sure Chadarion is remembered by his loved ones in a respectable and dignified way.”

Of note, since Dec. 2019, there have been 136 known deaths in the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC), with 52 coming at Parchman. As of March 2021, MDOC stopped publicly reporting deaths.