Derez De’Shon just shared his first solo release of 2021 with “In My Feelings” video.

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Atlanta rapper Derez De’Shon takes his time with releasing music. Which makes sense since he always gives us transparency on the details of his life and what he goes through. Earlier this year we only saw him guested on Quin Nfn’s “Having My Way.” This followed a 2020 that brought the third installment of Pain, De’Shon’s acclaimed series. Even though De’Shon like to take his time between releases the “Beat The Odds,” rapper has more than 800 million combined streams globally.

Now De’Shon has returned with “In My Feelings,” a track produced by Mike Vegas and Jakik. We hear him share his triggering truths that impact depression and drug use. While not giving up the grind De’Shon shows us he wont fall victim to his battles. These are the issues we all face that makes it more relatable. Watch below.