So it’s no surprise that Kanye West didn’t drop DONDA on either of the initial release dates, the first being July 24, but that got delayed, and the second August 5, but that didn’t happen either. Now there is a new release date August 15, but on this date, fans aren’t even expecting the album to drop.

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Fans are all over Twitter expressing their disbelief of the third release date of DONDA

One fan said it straight up, “I’d like to announce that I am not expecting #DONDA August 15”


Another fan suggested that the only way people will hear West’s 10th studio album is if they attend the listening events. 

“I think the only way we’ll get to hear the album is if we all attend the listening sessions  #DONDA

Kanye West fans are not to be played with. Comparing the release to when the Nextflix series Stranger Things season 4 comes out, and that’s set for 2022.

The fan wrote, “#DONDA is going to be released when we get a season 4 of stranger things #Stranger Things”  

Who knows when the official album will drop, but as of now a third date has been set for DONDA, and it’s August 15. 

When do you think we’ll get DONDA?