Survival in the music industry requires several factors. Besides talent, which should be the starting point anyway, an artist must also be versatile and consistent. Every day, thousands of fresh talents make their debut in this fast-paced industry. That means that the existing artists must invent new ways to ensure they remain relevant. Music artist Weku Did That knows how to do that successfully.

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Weku Did That is a Nigerian-American Top 10 iTunes charting record producer, musician, and songwriter. Awesome as his many accomplishments in the industry are, it’s the air of mystery that surrounds him which makes him more popular. His face is always concealed behind a full-face mask that he’s adopted over the years as his signature look. Despite working with some big names, few in the industry have seen the face beneath the mask.

Weku’s work speaks for itself. A current resident of Georgia, Weku is a master of several aspects of the industry. Before getting into the industry, he attended the University of Florida where he majored in Criminology and minored in film. He graduated with honors and went on to pursue his Master’s degree in business and entrepreneurship.


Right after graduating college, Weku joined the entertainment industry. Weku had three things going that made him successful within a short while. He has a keen business sense, he has a good eye for branding, and he’s a great cinematographer. The three attributes set him apart from many others. 

Over the years, Weku has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He’s done projects for Sony Epic, Roc Nation, Nickelodeon, Sprite, Vans, and B.E.T among others. His skills also attracted the attention of multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter Mickey Shiloh. She chose several of his songs to record and released them as part of her projects.

Weku’s videography has opened important doors for him. He is most popular for his work with his longtime collaborator Rene Bonet. Rene is an iTunes Top 10 Charting R&B/Rock artist and her work is well-known in the industry. Their work together has been featured in the music industry’s most trusted sources for news. These include Revolt TV, All Hip-Hop, Kazi Magazine, and This is 50 among others.

Weku is one of the few producers who cross genres effortlessly. Recently, he produced an album titled “The Case for R&B.” It contains different styles of R&B and is available on all music streaming platforms. Although the album was highly successful and continues to attract more attention, Weku is making a bigger name for himself as a producer with his innovative genre, Trap Rock.

Trap Rock is a hybrid genre of music that brings elements of hip-hop and rock music together. Weku says he created the sub-genre to bring out the vibe in both genres. As a child in Nigeria, he grew up listening to different kinds of music and learned how to enjoy different sounds. That’s how he found himself producing his new genre. He is now being credited as the front runner for its production and that’s making his brand even more popular.

Weku doesn’t intend to stop there. He plans to do even more exploration in the future. He says, “I want to expand into other areas and genres. I eventually want to get into musical composition for the theater as well.”

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