Meek Mill has made ghosting all social media before dropping music a strategic rollout strategy it seems.

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On July 21, when the Philadelphia rapper announced his fast from social media, smoking and sex fans suggested that new music was coming, the fans stand correct. 

Saturday the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper dropped a new song and video for “War Stories.”


“War Stories On YouTube now,” was Meek’s first tweet in about two and a half weeks. 

This track comes two months after releasing “Flamerz Flow.” The track samples the Isley Brothers’ classic ’80s hit “Ballad for the Fallen Soldier,” and the visual displays classic Meek. 

Director Carter Visual captures Meek Mill in his traditional element. A Philly rapper who emerged from the streets, still in the streets. Only this time, he does it for inspirational purposes.  

Meek’s outside whipping the Maybach, and he’s feasting with his gang. A true definition of boss status. Lil Uzi, and Bobby Shmurda both make cameos in “War Stories.”

As far as the song goes, Meek gives warning the opposition. Just because he rich doesn’t mean he isn’t active in the streets. 

“Think it’s sweet we getting money, but now we’re popping out. Ain’t throwing flags I’m dropping tags and n****s rocking out.”

Hip-Hop always feels better when Meek’s fans receive that intense energy and motivational street substance from him. They took to Twitter with their excitement of Meek’s return.

After you check out “War Stories” tell us what you think.