Lil Baby has another song with Drake.

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Lil Baby and Drake are two of the biggest names in the rap game, and whenever they get together, magic happens. They did it originally with “Yes Indeed,” and they did it again with “Wants and Needs.” Now there will be another collaboration. 

The Atlanta rapper confirmed that he and the 6 God will unite again for a new track. In a video at the famous Georgia jewlery store, Icebox, Lil Baby said this:


“I ain’t gon’ lie, I got a song for [Drake] right now,” said the 4PF CEO. “I done went to the studio like two times. I ain’t feel it yet. But it’s like a slow song. All the slow songs, they really– and then it takes me longer to rap ’cause like, I don’t really care what I say on a song. You feel me? I just freestyle. But with Drake, I be trying to think about it. And that’s what makes it harder for me ’cause like, I’m thinking. When I don’t even think, I just rap. So then like, ’cause it’s Drake, I get kind of like, damn… So I gotta make sure. Now it’s kind of like, eh. But my next album, I’m writing it. Every song, I’m writing it. So it’s gonna be more detailed. Right now, I freestyle so only the top of my brain comes out.”

Currently, Lil Baby is the hero for the new school Hip-Hop by providing uplifting lyrics for the youth. Meanwhile, Drake has been running the game for a decade strong, so whenever the two link up, it bridges the gap between two generations of Hip-Hop.

Lil Baby now has songs with Drake, Kanye, The Weeknd and J.Cole and it’s only August. Can’t wait to hear this new joint.