Attorneys are hoping to wrap up jury selection in R. Kelly’s New York Trial this morning.

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The 54 year-old musician faces federal charges over recruiting women and underage girls for sex. Public Information Officer, John Marzulli, says 18 prospective jurors were excused for cause and roughly seven people didn’t show up for the R. Kelly trial.

With jury selection underway, those selected are expected to appear in person. A US district judge said last week that witnesses will testify from the jury box and jurors will be spread out in the gallery to allow for social distancing, as COVID cases surge in New York City. 


There are currently two-dozen jurors who potentially could be picked for trial, with Marzulli saying the decision could bleed into Wednesday.

In an unusual move, members of the media and the public will not be allowed inside the Brooklyn court room.

A video feed of the R. Kelly trial will be accessible in a separate room. While jurors will be required to wear masks, they will not be asked about their vaccine status.

R. Kelly has remained in jail since he was indicted in 2019.

The opening statements are expected to begin next week. The trial is expected to last a month or more.

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