The Lox appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss their epic Verzuz battle, which gave them the celebration that the trio deserved.

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One person who was vocal particularly about Jadakiss’ performance was Tyler, The Creator who praised the rapper’s “confidence and voice control,” and also seemingly joked, “Pause I think I gotta crush on Jadakiss.” 

Charlamagne Tha God asked the Yonkers rapper if he heard from the CALL ME WHEN YOU GET LOST rapper after he shared his “high praise.”


“Tyler, the Creator, man, chill out,” he laughed. “I like Tyler, the Creator. That just mean that he tapped into our frequency and he loved the Verzuz, so I didn’t take it as disrespect. He said he got a ‘crush’ on me or some shit. … Very talented, very smart dude.”

Tyler clarified his comments in a recent interview on E Bro in the Morning. “Bro, Jadakiss, bro…that man cares,” he told Ebro. “He gives a fuck! Every time he would perform, him and Styles P, there wouldn’t be 80 n***as onstage.”

Styles P spoke about the lack of artist development and challenged if cancel culture and mental health culture can co-exist, using DaBaby as an example.

“If you gonna be on cancel culture, you can’t be with mental health culture either,” he said at the 50:40-mar of the interview. “I’m pretty sure he’s been around plenty of gay people, he has he’s in the industry. He’s been styled by them, been dressed by them, he’s done deals. … I’m saying he did something wrong, but who developed him in that building and said, ‘Young man, you getting multiple millions now, when you’re around corporate this is how it goes.’ And this and this… Nobody’s teaching.”