In celebration of National Hip Hop Day,  we pay homage to the female rappers who have shaped the way we dress, shop, and style our hair.  These women, owned their power, stepping out in a male-dominated industry being themselves and doing what they do.  Unapologetically, detailing their experiences of the word they lived in through their distinct style, flow, and lyrical content. Turning street style into high fashion, fads into trends creating looks, and making it their own.  Take a look at the 10 females in hip hop who have inspired us through music, fashion, style, and beauty.   

  1. Roxanne Shanté
  1. Salt N Pepa 
  1. Queen Latifah
  1. Lil Kim
  1. Da Brat
  1. Eve
  1. Lauryn Hill 
  1. Missy Elliot

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  1. Nicki Minaj
  1.  Saweetie