The Village, the largest, national conglomerate for black-owned cannabis brands led by former NBA player and entrepreneur, Al Harrington, and the NBA’s Wilson Chandler’s Nobody’s Home cannabis brand are teaming for the Nobody’s Home Music Festival.

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The free festival will take place Saturday, September 4 in Chandler’s hometown of Benton Harbor, Michigan. The lineup for the festival is curated by John Monopoly and will have Rick Ross, G Herbo, Freddie Gibbs, Jay Electronica, Chase B, and more on the bill.

Nobody’s Home is free of charge and will be held in Dwight Mitchell City Center Park. You must be 21+ to attend. You can RSVP for the festival here.


Nobody’s Home will celebrate the intersection of music, culture and cannabis, while also raising awareness about the 3% market share of cannabis brands being black-owned and pushing to advance black equity and ownership in this space. Since 2011, the Village has made it its mission to change this statistic to provide economic opportunity and advance black equity and ownership in this space. As rap and cannabis culture go hand and hand, we’d love to have you cover this partnership as it marks the merge of these two entities to celebrate both the cannabis enthusiast and this dispensary’s launch.

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