The City Girls are hoping to hop in the booth with Nicki Minaj. 

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In an interview with GQ, JT and Yung Miami made it clear that they still hope to team with the Queens rapper on a track.  When asked by a Tik Tok user about a potential City Girls and Nicki Minaj collaboration, JT responded.

“We’re hoping for it in the future, seriously,” she said. “A lot of people try to make fun of it, like, ‘Ah, you’re never going to get your feature!’ But you never know what can happen.”


The City Girls might have to smooth things over with The Barbz before a collaboration happens, though.  Back in May, Yung Miami shared that Minaj had her blocked on Instagram. 

It’s unclear why the “Anaconda” rapper blocked Yung Miami exactly, but some fans have speculated that it stems from a Breakfast Club interview Miami gave in November 2018, when she declared her allegiance to Nicki’s former rival Cardi B.

Despite the drama, the fans still want to see that collaboration happen between JT, Yung Miami and Nicki Minaj. More females rappers working together and not being divided is what Hip-Hop needs. Share your thoughts below.

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