The clubhouse platform is the home of many conversations…. and sometimes arguments. After the release of DJ Akademik’s first podcast episode, which showed a three-hour conversation between Wack 100 and Tekashi 6ix9ine, the pot in the rap industry has been stirred left and right.

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Just last week Wack 100 and 21 Savage were in a back and forth on the audio platform after 21 Savage called Wack 100 “lame.” While it seems the two were able to peace it up since then, this time, it seems as though Jim Jones is now coming at Wack 100 after Wack reportedly wanted Jones to prove that he is not a snitch.

“I stand tall for everything I believe in. I always have. No matter what,” Jones said on clubhouse. “I’ve been around this whole world. F*ck the country, n*gga. Rockin’ my same colors. Can’t nobody tell me anything, n*gga. You know how we move in New York City, n*gga. I put a whole coast on. I let a whole coast eat. I put this sh*t in the sky, n*gga. The same way Snoop put the sh*t in the sky, I put the sh*t in the sky, n*gga.”


One of the speakers in the chat called out Wack 100 for moving “like bloggers by bringing up cases.” While Jim Jones thought that was a good point, the rapper seems to think that Wack 100 is “trying to bring down powerful Black men that are in positions to help other powerful Black men.”

Jones then ended his point by saying that his mindset is set up differently than it was back in the day. So, therefore, he refuses to feed into “So, for me to get on here and feed into some bullsh*t, I feel like I’m going ten steps backwards. And that’s not why I got on this platform, nor would I get on a platform with anybody that associates themselves with anybody that’s a f*ckin’ rat. Period.”

Do you agree with Jim Jones? Check out the audio here.

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