The Brooklyn Nets were literally inches away from the Eastern Conference Finals and possibly the NBA Finals. The team had a strong off season which included resigning Kevin Durant for four more years. Now, it appears James Harden and Kyrie Irving will soon resign as well.

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Nets general manager Sean Marks said Wednesday that he is “confident” the team will agree to extensions with Harden and Irving before training camp as well.

When Harden and Irving resigns and keep the Nets’ big three together, that means they would be locked in as teammates for the next five seasons.That eliminates the risk of losing any of the three players in free agency during their primes.


Harden and Irving both suffered injuries during Brooklyn’s second-round series against the eventual world champions Milwaukee Bucks. After Irving sprained his ankle, Harden came back and played on what he called a Grade 2 hamstring strain. “From a health standpoint,” Marks said, there is “no reason to be concerned” about either of them. 

Going into the next NBA season, it will be all eyes on the heavily favored Nets squad to deliver a championship in Brooklyn.