Shaquille O’ Neal believes it’s time for sin city to have it’s own basketball team. O’Neal was interviewed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s John Katsilometes regarding the Big Fella’s “The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation.” In the interview, they talked about Las Vegas possibly getting an NBA team. O’Neal seemed to hint one was coming.

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“Las Vegas has grown a lot, and there is a lot of want for an NBA team,” O’Neal said via Katsilometes. “I don’t want to go on the record too far, but I’m leaning toward most definitely.”

O’Neal believes that Las Vegas can sustain an NBA team and hopes they get one within the next five years.


“Vegas can definitely sustain an NBA team,” he said. “We definitely have the fans, definitely have a supporting cast, and definitely have the sponsorship money. Hopefully it happens within the next five years.”

Not to long ago, there was rumors swirling around about the NBA eventually looking to add two expansion teams to the league. Ironically, the two rumored locations are Seattle and Las Vegas.

If O’Neal suggesting Vegas is ready to house an NBA franchise, there must be some underlining talks going on.

Is Las Vegas ready for an NBA franchise?