Robin explores his bisexuality in new Tim Drake Batman comic.

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Entertainment Weekly reports in the latest issue of “Batman: Urban Legends,” Tim Drake who is Robin in the monthly anthology series, is asked out by his friend Bernard.  Drake responds, “Yeah…Yeah, I think I want that.” 

In part 1, which debuted in Batman: Urban Legends issue #4, Tim reunited with his old friend Bernard. Their dinner at Bincy’s Bar and Grill was interrupted by Chaos Monster, who knocked out Tim and kidnapped Bernard to be sacrificed.


During the rescue mission of part 3, featured in this week’s Urban Legends #6, Bernard mentions to Robin that he wishes he could’ve finished his date with Tim, unaware that he’s actually speaking to his love interest. A few pages later, Tim goes to see Bernard and things are clarified.

“Tim Drake… do you want to go on a date with me?” Bernard asks.

“Yeah… Yeah, I think I want that,” Tim replies.

“My goal in writing has been and will always be to show just how much God loves you,” Fitzmartin tweeted of reveal. “You are so incredibly loved and important and seen. Forever grateful to be trusted with Tim Drake and his story and honored to work with the amazingly talented @BelenOrtega_ and @loquesunalex.”

Robin joins other LGBTQ-plus superheroes like Batwoman, Iceman, Loki, and Midnighter. 

Some Batman fans and members of the LGBTQ-plus community took to social media and are praising the big reveal. 

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