There is something special about Les Twins. 

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The two identical brothers have made their names on the Hip-Hop dance circuit, krumping down the competition and creating a brand that simply could not be ignored.

Missy Elliot couldn’t ignore it. J-Lo couldn’t ignore it. Beyoncé couldn’t ignore it.  And now we see that Hennessy also had to recognize that Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois are just as bankable as they are talented.

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Les Twins

They tapped the two to collaborate with Hennessy to create their own 2021 V.S. Limited Edition release — dropping their celebrated Cognac with a three-day immersive experience that transformed the viewers from the streets of Paris where they learned to dance to the actual vineyard and factory where the beverage is pressed, distilled and stored.

The purpose of this collaboration was really to celebrate French culture through the interactive lens of two of its most exceptional creatives.

How was this activation curated? 

They took the guys to the brand’s Château De Bagnolet where all of the magic happens. The gag was that the Twins brought their own magic in a series of 20 minute interactive and virtual experiences. Sometimes in a gym where their teacher reminded them of their purpose. Sometimes dancing amongst the barrels holding the actual Cognac and then in a breathtaking light show.

The luxury brand used virtual reality headsets to allow people to get close to the twins. But not close enough. Check out how The Source was able to pull up a little closer with an exclusive interview with the Bourgeois brothers, also known as Les Twins.

Like most twins, the issue of being the oldest is a really big deal.  How many minutes apart are you?

We are two minutes apart.

When did you two fall in love with Hip-Hop? And how did B-boying or dancing become your favorite element?

We never fell in love with Hip-Hop because we were literally born into it. We have a huge family that is all dancers and so we saw all categories of dancing growing up. We saw our brothers doing up-rock and top-rock which is B-boying; Old school dancing; African dancing; Contemporary Dance; fun dancing. We learned them all.

We were just they literally learned not just doing, but looking at all the different styles. We just mix everything.

Les Twins (LVHM)
Les Twins (LVHM)

We were shocked when we realized that people were not dancing.

We thought everybody was dancing because we were not we’re not allowed to go outside much. We saw our family dancing and since we wanted to be like them so much, we simply learned that way.

When we realized that everyone wasn’t dancing, we thought they were weird. Come to find out, they were thinking that we were strange, also.

Many people have said that your dance style is fluid, almost like ballet. Outside of breakdancers in up rockers or pop lockers (like Rock Steady Crew, Popmaster Fabel, Crazy Legs, Michael Jackson), who are some of your American Dance influencers?

We don’t have any influences. Our mom and our family were really the people who we followed and looked up to. 

My brother had a chance to see Michael Jackson before I did and he fell in love with the song, “Leave Me Alone.” He fell in love with not just his dancing, but he fell in love with his face and the facial expressions he was making. For him, his face was dancing. That was inspirational for him, thinking that this is what dancing is supposed to do. This is the impact that we are supposed to have on people when we dance — that same impact Michael had. So, we love Michael.

And even though we love him, he is not seen in our dancing. 

There are a lot of people we appreciate but did not influence us as dancers.

It is more about how mentally we connected with them and the power to actually want to become who we were meant to be (like they did).

How did Hennessy pick you to start this campaign?

We that’s asked the same question when our agent called us. Like what do they want to do with us? What do they want to do with Les Twins? 

We never saw the Hennessy Very Special Collection before. But it makes so much sense that they used us because Les Twins are special.

And the relationship with the brand has been very special. 

Based on how you dance, what rapper would you be?

Eminem and Busta Rhymes.

That makes sense. Both of those rappers are top-charting and electrifying when you hear or see them. And just like Les Twins and the new 2021 Hennessy offering, they are very special.