The RHOA entanglement drama continues on.

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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate Falynn Guobadia revealed that she and her boyfriend, Jaylan Banks, are expecting their first child together in a new video posted to her YouTube channel.

The recent news comes in the wake of Falynn’s very public divorce from her now-ex-husband, Simon Guobadia. Falynn had been in the news discussing details of her ex hubby’s immediate engagement to her RHOA co-star, Porsha Williams, whom she alleged was one of her friends.


Falynn claimed that she found out about Simon and Porsha’s engagement the same time as everyone else.

“I did not know. As a matter of fact, I remember receiving a phone call around 8 a.m. that morning when everything started making headlines.”

While Porsha has previously stated that her quickly developed romance with Simon was completely unrelated to his and Falynn’s divorce. Porsha also revealed that she and Falynn are “not friends” and have never been friends.

Despite fans seeing Falynn being introduced on RHOA last season as Porsha’s friend. Twitter did not take the news of this entanglement well and went for Porsha’s head.

Now with the developing story of a new pregnancy, it seems many fans have change the tide.

The big question right now is, are the Bravo tapes rolling? Next season should be very interesting.

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