Soulja Boy is a rapper of many firsts, but according to Atari, owning a video game company isn’t one of them.

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Soulja hopped on Instagram live and announced that he owned the company after they reached out to him following the success of SouljaGame, and he plans to sell it for $140 million.

“They signed me to a deal to Atari. Big shoutout to Atari, to the whole staff. I’m about to revamp the company. We gon take Atari to the next level. Everybody go follow @Atari. I am now the owner of Atari. I own the video game company Atari. They was real proud of me and what I did with the Souja Boy Game console. I blew Soulja Boy Game up. We about to sell the company, I think Imma get $140 million. I’m finna get $140 million from Soulja Boy Game, so Atari reached out and I just signed a deal with Atari. I signed two deals with Atari. First rapper to own a video game company.”


However, Atari released a statement on their Twitter account claiming otherwise. “We know that CEO of Atari is a dream job, but that honor belongs to Wade Rosen.”