Yesterday American Idol singer Syesha Mercado was finally reunited with her 20-day old newborn after she was taken away from her 10-days prior during a medical kidnapping.

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Social media has been in an uproar after a video went viral of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office seizing Mercado’s second baby on the side of the road as she begged to breastfeed the baby. In an attempt to bring attention to the story, Kim Kardashian tweeted to her 70 million followers about the case in an attempt to get Mercado’s two children returned.

Mercado’s daughter’s removal came months after authorities took their 18-month-old son from them following a trip to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg for dehydration treatment on Feb. 25th. Their son, Amen’Ra, was treated by Dr. Sally Smith, a pediatrician who was the subject of Torn Apart, an investigation where USA Today Network found the doctor had a history of diagnosing child abuse too quickly. He was placed into foster care over allegations of malnutrition.


Finally last night in a small piece of sweet victory, Syesha posted a video to her Instagram account AST IS HOME!!!! #BringRaHome POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!
Finally able to see a smile on Syesha and her partner’s Tyron Deener face, the baby is seen resting comfortable in her car seat. In the heartfelt message on Deneer reported that 10-month-old Ast had finally been given back to their family, thanks to the media attention, celebrity voices, and high-powered attorneys who took up the case.

Full of gratitude Deneer repeated thank you to everyone who brought attention to their case.
“We want to say thank you. We still got work to get Rah back. But because of y’all and my family we’ve had the proper support to get the best attorneys in the country to be able to bring justice,” Deener said. “Ast is back. We still gotta get Ra back.”
Imagine the couples and single mothers who don’t get media attention?
Next mission— #BRING RA HOME

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