The rain couldn’t stop the party at this past week’s Hot 97 Summer Jam fest, aka the only tour to keep DaBaby on their roster. While some fans were excited to see DaBaby following his recent controversy, others were more than happy to see two faces the Summer Jam stage hasn’t seen in ages.

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During French Montana’s set, Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda were brought out as surprise guests, making the crowd go wild as the two performed their hit “Hot N*gga.” Before the two could finish the song, their mics were cut off, preventing them from continuing their performance.

After many awaited an explanation as to why the mics were cut off, Rowdy Rebel took to his Instagram to address fans since the confusion. “Smh I apologize to all my fans & Supporters For Last Night Certain Things I Can’t Control & Was out of my Hands.. it’s No Love Lost,” the rapper penned.


Rowdy then posted that he will be performing this upcoming weekend, August 28th, at Agua NYC, for fans who missed out on the Hot Boyz performance. Hopefully, Rowdy’s mic won’t be cut off at this performance, and fans get to enjoy a full show! Check out the details here.