Kifano “Shotti” Jordan made an appearance on Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast and spoke about his relationship with the polarizing rapper almost two years after he cooperated with authorities and testified against the Nine Trey Bloods gang.

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Shotti addressed the allegations that he stole millions of dollars from Tekashi.

“There are people that handle money, and you know this,” he explained. “He had his business manager, I had my accountant, and my girl from booking; they all handled the funds. The point is, I’m a millionaire and he was mad. He’s not the only artist I worked with. I came in jail a millionaire, I’m going to go home a millionaire, probably with more money I came in with. It’s just that simple. There was never any need for me to steal anything from him. If I took money, I would’ve said ‘yeah, I took the money.”


Shotti was also asked if he would ever forgive 6ix9ine. “He’s forgiven,” he said at the 13:45 mark. “He’s got to forgive himself at the end of the day. He know he don’t like how he’s living, man. He don’t like that. He doesn’t like hiding, and he’s hiding. He don’t got no money to pay security. That money ran out, man. It’s over for him. That’s just that.”

Before his arrest on racketeering and firearm charges in November 2018, Tekashi 6ix9ine infamously appeared on The Breakfast Club and claimed that he was offered $2.5 million for a tour but was only given $300,000 and his former manager pocketed the rest.

Tekashi dodged a nearly 50-year sentence after testifying against his other co-defendants, including Shotti who was sentenced to 15 years in prison.