The President of the Hot Girl’s, turned to IG to ask fans how she can take out her locs with the comment “At this point the locs are real… please help (My hair getting long af tho 😛 @mielleorganics )” She goes on to state in a video to her over 24 million followers that she was really excited to get her locs, praising her newest look saying “My hair been growing and glowing, yes natural hair journey!” and then she jokingly condemns her hairstylist Kellon Deryck “Why this boy don’t know how to take these locs out? Asking him indirectly in the short video clip, “why you let me get this hairstyle and you don’t know how to take it out? […] I’m tired, Kellon. Go get on YouTube. Figure it out. Somebody help him. Y’all go tag Kellon. Help him figure out how to uninstall these locs!”

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The comments came it by the thousands with everything from laughs and lols, and recommendations of using conditioner to the suggestion of clearing her schedule, ordering from, and taking her time to take them out.  

Her Hairstylist Kellon Deryck eventually weighed in on IG with a message for Meg “Lol we gon figure it out” and a call out to his followers. “Megan begged me, ooohhh I want these locs, I want these locs so I find her somebody to get these locs in her head I tried to take them out after she been swimming in the ocean with them and all kinds of stuff, now she mad at me. I tried to get them out I tried three times I flew all the way to here just for her, flew all the way to her,  look (showing his followers that he was on the plane) I’m in the plane right now,  flew to her I couldn’t get them out there’s nothing I can do, somebody help me? how do I get these locs out of this lady’s head?” See the full video HERE. Meg jokingly responds to his video with “not you gave up and left the country.” 


Comments to Kellon were suggestions to everything from cut and unravel, Kellon responding to fans with“that method is not that easy as they are  real locs now.” ….Yikes.  

All jokes aside, we are not sure if Megan finally got her locs out but we are sure at some point she will.  We will keep you posted of the outcome.  Can you guys help Megan out?  Send us recommendations in the comments.  

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