Blac Chyna has been mentioned on a countless number of songs from Future’s “Blow a Bag” to Nicki Minaj’s verse on Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up.” She made a number of music video and magazine appearances. Drake arguably made her a household name after name-dropping her in “Miss Me.”

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Call up King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it’d be worth the flight,” the Toronto rapper spit.

Blac Chyna’s exotic looks and mystique grabbed the attention of mainstream media and she rose to prominence in the 2010s.


She starred Tyga‘s “Rack City” video which she noted was the most fun set and “the most epic one was with Nicki [Minaj for Monster].”

But now she’s ready to step into the booth and tell her story in her own words. “I’m just happy that I kind of like, was very silent. So now I’m talking about my music and my endeavors … it just makes it you know, even more better. Like people are really like listening to me, like literally from music and anything,” she said during a phone interview.

The public has an opinion on Blac Chyna based on the media, reality television, and her ‘no-f**ks-given’ persona. Now she gets to re-write her narrative as she steps into familiar territory but in a different position.

Blac Chyna has already released a slew of singles with some notable features including “Doom” featuring Asian Doll, “My Word” featuring Keak da Sneak and Too Short, “Cash Only” featuring Trippie Redd, and “Thick” featuring Desiigner.

“So actually I have two songs with Desiigner: [Thick] and another one I haven’t released yet. But my brother Mally Mal, he’s like a super producer, he put that play together for us,” Chyna shared when asked how did her collaboration with the Brooklyn artist came to fruition.

Chyna does get help with her songwriting but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t serious about her craft.

“I hate when people say, ‘Oh, my God, cause you got a writer … you’re not serious about music.’ … The most popular people that we listened to on Apple Music, it be like 10 writers, eight writers at the bottom. So all that is like a facade, and people got to tap in on it,” she said in a phone interview.

Speaking more about the creative process Blac Chyna said, “Even if you do write the song all by yourself, it might not make sense to somebody else … One thing I realized when I’m in these writing groups is I don’t really talk really that much ebonics. So I had to like force myself to like, add more slang to it because it cuz some words need to be slang down not like all proper.”

Chyna is used to grinding for everything that she has, so this is yet another challenge to her. Thankfully she can get feedback and criticism from friends like Nicki Minaj, who already heard some of her unreleased music. “I send her songs and I’m like, ‘Hey, what do you think about this? What do you think about that?’ And she likes when I do the more … melodic, vibey stuff.”

Blac Chyna is working on an EP but she noticed a major difference in the music industry from when she first entered a decade ago. “When i was younger the songs are longer, like three minutes. Now they’re like a minute and some seconds. Like I couldn’t figure out why artists are making the song so much shorter. It’s because people’s attention span is so short and they only listen to like the first verse and then on to the next song. Like in the club, you’re not listening to like the full song unless it’s just a straight-up hit.”

Music isn’t the only thing keeping the mother of two, entrepreneur, model, and now recording artist busy.

When speaking on why she rarely did interviews, Blac Chyna responded, “It was just like nothing to talk about, you know. So with me doing music and stuff I feel like okay, now I have a reason to do interviews. Because before what you see is what you get … The last two years, I’ve been more vocal, and it’s still working for me because I never was like a loudmouth girl.”