R&B singer Monica recently did a video with Allure magazine and broke down some of her iconic looks over the years.Monica is no stranger to high-fashion looks and over the past 10 years we have gotten a peek at some of her own exquisite choices.From her boot choices to her runway looks Monica has been killing it.
She also says that she would wear an armband to cover a tattoo because she didn’t want to influence other girls. She shares the difference in makeup looks and even shares some inside info about how women singers were ‘supposed’ to be.

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In the clip below, Monica breaks down the 90’s looks compared to today sharing that ‘we didn’t always wear a lash’. Today lashes, eyelash strips and lash extensions have become a big business. Today’s girls are definitely testing the limits with their eyelash length widths even adding stones at times.

What was your favorite Monica look? Watch below.