Recently Teyana Taylor revealed on her show We Got Love: Teyana & Iman that she had breast surgery to remove lumps. The singer-turned-director also shared that she suffered from a condition called cholestasis. Cholestasis is a liver condition that can make a pregnancy high-risk. Teyana shared that she had a hard time producing milk during her last pregnancy and when it finally came in, everything hardened up.

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Cholestasis of pregnancy is a liver condition that occurs in late pregnancy. The condition triggers intense itching, but without a rash. Itching usually occurs on the hands and feet but can also affect other parts of the body and is extremely uncomfortable. The scariest part for new moms is the potential complications for mom and baby. Because of the risk of complications, doctors recommend early delivery, and Teyana says both of her babies came a month early. In addition, there is no known way to prevent cholestasis of pregnancy.

Here are some factors that may increase the risk of developing cholestasis of pregnancy:


Personal or family history of cholestasis of pregnancy
History of liver damage or disease
Being pregnant with twins or more

In babies, the complications of cholestasis of pregnancy can be severe. They may include:

Being born too early (preterm birth)
Lung problems from breathing in meconium — the sticky, green substance that normally collects in the developing baby’s intestines but which may pass into the amniotic fluid if a mom has cholestasis
Death of the baby late in pregnancy before delivery (stillbirth)

Watch the clip of Teyana explaining the discovery below. Prayers to Teyana and her family and we wish her a fast and speedy recovery!