On this date 34 years ago, Scott Sterling aka DJ Scott La Rock of Boogie Down Productions was shot and killed in the South Bronx.

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In an attempt to break up a fight on 167th and University Avenue near the Highbridge Housing Projects in the South Bronx, Scott Sterling, known to the world as DJ Scott La Rock of the mighty Boogie Down Productions, was shot and killed, he died on the scene.

The shooting was the first of its kind in Hip Hop, with BDP being one of the main artists to usher in the “Golden Era”, it was a shock to the entire Hip Hop community to have KRS-1’s DJ shot in cold blood. Ironically, this happened during the apex of their classic debut album Criminal Minded, where Scott and Kris were posing with pistols, rifles, and no smiles. Sterling’s death fueled KRS to start the Stop The Violence Movement, which was widely publicized with the By All Means Necessary album, and the star-studded “Self Destruction” single.


RIP to Scott La Rock! He Still Lives Thru His Music!