As part of his highly-anticipated Donda release, Kanye West has not just released an album, but also a limited edition fashion collection that hints at another presidential run.

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The collection is featured on an austere webpage on his site with a simple statement: ““Engineered by Balenciaga.” The collection contains only four items. The first is a black, two layer long sleeve cotton t-shirt that features an image of his mother as a child on the front and an image of her family home on the back. The second item is also a black, two layer long sleeve cotton t-shirt that features the presidential seal on the front of the shirt with “2024” and a cross on the back of the shirt, seemingly hinting that ‘Ye is looking to run for president again. Both shirts retail for $200. The third item is a black baseball cap that simply says “DONDA” in white letters. It retails for $60. The fourth item a black mask that has zippered eye holes, similar to the one that he wore at his Donda listening party in Chicago. It retails for $160.

If the presidential t-shirt wasn’t enough, Kanye has made less subtle public statements about a possible presidential run. On August 27, Kanye tweeted “The start of the #Kanye2024 presidential campaign is now” with a fire emoji and pictures of people working on his Donda merchandise.


Additionally, Donda can be purchased on his site for $10 with U.S. residents receiving a digital download immediately following their purchase. As for the clothing items? Pieces won’t ship for 12-16 weeks, which will be perfect time for long sleeves.

This is not Kanye’s first collaboration with Balenciaga. Earlier this year, he formed a special partnership for a DMX tribute collection.