Over 2 million people in Louisiana are without power, including most of New Orleans due to Hurricane Ida.

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According to Governor John Bel Edwards, who warns the power could be out for weeks, if not longer. Edwards also said he expects the death toll to “go up considerably.” Right now, there are reports of two deaths.

The storm ripped roofs off homes and blocked roads with flash flood waters and fallen trees. Phone lines are down and there are problems reaching 911.


The White House says it could be weeks before everything is back up and running along the Gulf coast following Hurricane Ida.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki [[ SAH-kee ]] said President Biden continues to monitor this “extremely large and powerful” storm. She added it’s going to continue to inflict damage as it moves through the Southeast. Psaki said this will be a lengthy, whole-of-government response to help restore power and order to the affected areas. She noted first responders continue to focus on searching and providing food and shelter for displaced Americans.

Speaking of displaced Americans there are reports of looting taking place during the storms landfall. Two arrest were made in New Orleans on looting accusations.

Police Chief Shaun Ferguson did not release information on the arrests only, saying it’s horrific for anyone to take advantage of the less fortunate after Hurricane Ida. Ferguson says police are implementing anti-looting measures. The city’s 911 system is still down due to damage from Ida, but people can still request help by texting 911.

Ida made landfall yesterday as a Category Four hurricane, but is now a tropical storm. Hurricane Ida and Katrina are 16 years apart to the day.

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