The future of any more Kanye West and Charlamagne Tha God interviews just got a bit murky. The Breakfast Club returned to the airwaves on Monday, a day after Kanye’s latest offering, DONDA, and were pretty underwhelmed by the release and his recent behavior. Especially Charla and DJ Envy.

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Tha God expressed the album was “exhausting” and sounded “dated.”

“It’s an hour and 48 minutes long, so like Kanye West it can be very exhausting,” Charlamagne said. “I like the joint with Westside and Kanye. I like ‘Jesus Lord’ with the LOX and Jay Electronica. I think if he just scaled the project down to like 12-13 records, it could be a great album. But 28 songs with all the part twos, an hour and 48 minutes, it’s too long, and it drags to me. And the music sounds kinda dated, man.”


He added, “I don’t know if it’s lackluster or too long, maybe both. Upon first listen, for me, it was kind of lackluster and long. An hour and 48 minutes is nuts.”

DJ Envy, who admittedly did not hear the album, took the conversation away from music, hinted at Kanye West mistreating people, and referred to it as “clown” behavior.

“Kanye is a clown,” DJ Envy said. “He is a clown and a circus. He is a clown and circus, and I’m ashamed of the people around him — Bu, Free, Pusha, [John] Monopoly … he is a clown.”

He would add, “like Charlamagne said seven years ago, when he came up here and said, ‘The people around you don’t love you.’ And Kanye, the people around you don’t love you. You are a clown.”

DJ Envy revealed that the details surrounding his dubbing Kanye a clown is not his story to tell, and in time fans would know. The trio then opened the conversation to fans. You can hear more below.