According to an exclusive report from HipHopDX, Shyne will be spitting his “Bad Boy” bars again after two decades as the former Bad Boy signee and current Belizean politician says he will be filming a biopic film, TV series, and documentary.

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In his exclusive interview with DX, Mr. Barrow said, “I will be doing a bio movie and bio documentary as well as a bio TV series, which will all have corresponding soundtracks. I will be making music for those. But for those projects, not for a career, just as an attachment to those projects. You can’t have a movie without a soundtrack. And so I would have to create music for the movie and for the documentary.”

He also contends that he will be bridging the Belizean music community with American entertainers. “I would have to create music for the TV series. But again, you’ll hear a lot of Belizean artists with my American artist friends. So it would be a great opportunity to give the Belizean musicians a platform.”


Shyne continued, “I never give up on that passion and so I still try to help them, still try to make connections between my American music friends and the Belizean young talent that’s there. I discovered so many young great talent. Now that I have that platform, I’ll be doing all I can to bridge the gap and allow them to walk over that bridge to success. We have great artists like Supa G, Stig Da Artist, T.Y., Tanya Carter, C-Wills and so many great artists that you guys should all check out.”

Shyne is currently serving as a member of the Belize House of Representatives in the Belize City-based Mesopotamia constituency, which is, of course, his priority as a politician.

“Please keep me in prayer, as I plan to work with both my UDP Opposition & the PUP Administration to follow through on all my official engagements to bring about meaningful results for the benefit of the Belizean People.”