Spotify has announced a new initiative, Frequency, a global effort that cultivates a holistic destination for celebrating Black art, entertainment, creativity, culture, and community both on and off-platform.

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The new content, cultural partnerships, and ambassador program will connect the Black community to upcoming and established Black creators.

Spotify’s Head of Hip-Hop and R&B, Artist and Label Partnerships, Sydney Lopes, highlights the importance of the Frequency program.


“It’s important for Spotify to recognize that Black artists have influenced and made music across all genres, from country music to Caribbean to pop, and should be celebrated because of its impact on mainstream culture,” Lopes said. “Coming from a global streaming platform that relies on the art of these creators to be successful, we have a huge opportunity to showcase how broad that spectrum of Black culture is, and giving artists more autonomy in how their story is told is key to building trust and understanding.”

She added, “It’s really just the beginning of Spotify’s commitment to uplift Black voices both internally and externally with this brand, and given the platform’s global reach, there’s a ton of opportunity to show up for the community in ways that we have not before.”

You can meet the team and learn more about Frequency here.