Over the years Hip Hop has developed from something we did in the streets or in the parks, to an all-out multi-billion-dollar business. We saw the genre originate in New York City but if you ask anyone now, they will tell you that Atlanta has perfected it and continues to bring the heat.

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With all the different artists you find in the city of Atlanta, you would think by now that anyone else coming out the city would sound the same as the last artist. This thought process isn’t true, as a matter-of-fact Atlanta has once again delivered another artist with a different flava and the streets call him TRAP COMMANDER. With a name/brand called TRAP COMMANDER you would probably assume what that means but this also intrigues you to wonder what he has to offer in this music business. Not only does he bring something new to the table he does it like no other artist has today.

Teaming up with producer Ace Bankz he delivers new single/visual “He Hell” where he talks through getting money, having fun while staying witty with multiple flows all in the same song. When you listen, you hear how the beat knocks against your speakers while the engineering lays the vocals down perfectly. The Lyrics are on point and the hook “He Hell” is catchy


Visually you can tell with the direction of Marko Streez he had fun bringing his passion to life, all while showing what it looks like to have money and what you can do with it. Money, Cars, Jewelry and Women are a man’s best dream. TRAP COMMANDER is not playing any games and looks to be the future face of the music business. See for yourself what TRAP COMMANDER has to offer with new single “HE HELL”

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