T-Pain is continuing to highlight the unfortunate events that occurred during his career. After reflecting on moments with Usher and JAY-Z, Teddy Pain reflects on Kanye West stealing one of his lines after calling it corny.

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Appearing on Twitch, T-Pain would break it all down.

“Let me talk about a time that one of my corny lines got stolen,” T-Pain said. “I’m so prepared for this, and I love this. Bro, Kanye stole one of my corny lines. I couldn’t believe it. Kanye stole one of my corny lines after he told me it was corny. I don’t think he said it better. I don’t think anything happened that his was better than mine.”


T-Pain would reveal that he was with Kanye West playing his new mixtape, showcasing his rapping ability. He would ask Kanye about his performance because he valued his opinion.

Pain added, “On one of the songs I said, ‘I got beef like two burgers, you n-ggas win slow and I’m smarter than Steve Urkel.’ Now, keep in mind the Winslow family, right. Corny as fuck. I knew it was corny when I said it.”

Line sound familiar? On “Dark Fantasy,” Kanye West spit: “Too many urkles on your team, that’s why your wins-low.”

You can hear T-Pain break it all down below.

via – HipHopDX

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