Hulu’s Wu-tang: An American Saga has returned to the streaming service for season 2. Set in 1990’s New York, the series follows the rise of the iconic music group known as Wu-Tang Clan.

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While the first season shared the backstory behind the group and was told from Bobby’s (Ashton Sanders) perspective, this season will focus on the rise of Bobby, Sha, Dennis, and other characters to RZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and the whole Wu-Tang Clan.

Sanders, also known for his roles in Judas & The Black Messiah, Moonlight, and more, caught up with Source Magazine for an exclusive interview about the series.


Source Magazine: This last season. We’ve seen the evolution of your character from him being Bobby to stepping into Prince Rakeem, and then who was gonna eventually know him as RZA. So, going into season two, where is he on that journey?

Ashton Sanders: I can say season two is more music-based. You know it’s definitely development on every level, and yes, like you said, him finding who he is as RZA and what RZA means to him. It’s that with him, and also with all the other guys as well.

We can kind of see the roots and Clan come together and cultivate themselves as what we know them to be. All of these guys come into their person, you know like I think the people are really like waiting for that. They’d been waiting for that since season one and, uh, yeah.

How was it getting into character to play RZA? What was it like preparing for that?

Ashton Sanders: I think being able to have conversations with RZA and being able to get to know him carries over naturally. Now, I feel like there is an essence about him, like his spirit. But I try to tap into as best as I can in the series that helps me navigate like even like dialogue, you know?

It’s like, if I’m coming from this place, with his energy, this is how he would say it. It’s very, interesting; And just like having, I guess that guide there, while still having the freedom to do my own thing. Although I don’t like stray too far away cause I am playing him, I still feel like I have the freedom to like act, and like play.

What was that preparation process? How did you feel about it, especially with you playing so many other roles throughout the years? How’s this one different?

Ashton Sanders: What’s different, because this is my first, this was my first biopic. Um, it’s different and special and rare because the person I’m playing is also still very much alive, you know?

What do fans have to look forward to, you know, coming into the season?

I feel like the fans are gonna be excited about us introducing 36 chambers, you know, like hearing some of their favorite songs being created, you know, in like in a real-time, like in the show.

I think they’re going to be really excited about that and just seeing, the climb of these guys. Where they were about to go, where they were and where they’re going. I think people really love that because they feel so attached to these people from season one.

I think they’ll be excited about the music and about seeing these guys coming to what they know that would be, The RZA Method Man, ODB, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah, you know, I feel like people are waiting for that. And so we’re giving it to you.

The first three episodes of season 2 are now streaming on Hulu.