Through a series of social media posts,, Naomi Osaka announced to the world and her 2.8 million social media followers her newest project-She has officially launched  KINLÒ Skincare.  Captioned “@kinloskin out now 🤎✨ it’s been a really surreal experience this past year working on this and having an incredible team with so much knowledge teaching me along the way. So happy with how everything turned out and I’m excited to see what you guys think ☺️.”  The line is created to correctly care for black and brown skin, promote self-care and educate consumers. Formulated by dermatologists, who want to educate consumers to more holistic beauty and wellness approach reminding consumers that “self-care should be performed daily, and it’s about more than mud masks and bubble baths.”  on their Instagram account.  

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Their mission is to create a community and forum that boosts conversation around the value and specific needs of melanated skin while offering a collection of products that care for and protect it.  On their official site Naomi delivers a handwritten note  “I founded KINLÒ (a functional skin care line for people with melanated skin) to address a public health need around skin cancer prevention within our POC communities. Tennis can be challenging at times, but it has given me this platform which I am so grateful for. It allows me to help others in ways I wouldn’t have imagined otherwise. Hope you like it! XO Naomi ❤️“  Go to to learn more about the line.

Kinlo Skincare