Issa Rae wants all black businesses to shine and do well.  She partnered up with American Express and U.S. Black Chambers to promote ByBlack, the first national certification program for Black ownership that is designed to provide Black Entrepreneurs a way to reach new customers and get access to valuable business resources.  “Black businesses are American businesses,” Rae tells Variety. “I think it’s one thing to support them during a very specific time when you feel guilty, but we’re beyond that. To support these businesses year-round, and to know what you’re supporting and actively making an effort to do so, is extremely necessary. To have a platform that can allow Americans to easily find Black businesses is such a necessary change.” Which includes membership access to education and funding.  Rae certified her businesses, haircare line, Sienna Naturals which she co-owns with Hannah Diop was recently certified into the program and he’s also a partner in Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen, a coffee shop chain that has three locations in the Los Angeles area, in hopes of reaching more customers and encouraging other Black business owners to do the same. Black-owned businesses in the U.S. generate $150 billion annually, according to USBC. and a study from American Express in May found 44% of consumers seek out Black-owned businesses and would use a database if available that certifies and guarantees a business to be Black owned. “We have only scratched the surface of the collective power of Black businesses, so I am excited to join American Express and the USBC to shine a light on the opportunities ByBlack presents,” Rae says in a statement.  For more information on ByBlack or to get your business certified click HERE