Thought-controlled cars could be on the roads soon.

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Mercedes-Benz is introducing a new car that you can control with your brain. At a showcase in Germany this week, the carmaker said its new Vision AVTR uses a new technology called BCI. An innovative brain-computer interface, to control functions including selecting the destination and setting the lighting.

The technology works by attaching the BCI device to the user’s head, which measures brain waves that send information to the car. Mercedes-Benz released a statement that says, the dashboard can be used to “generate wind, grow plants, select parking spaces to charge, or turn day into night.”


There’s no word yet on if or when the thought-controlled vehicle will be released.

Are you ready for this futuristic innovation? Share your thoughts on the Mercedes-Benz concept car below.

mind control car mercedes benz front
mind control car mercedes benz

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